Rob Kardashian Showered Blac Chyna With Bling Before Nude Photo Scandal

Is Blac Chyna in breach of Kardashian confidentiality agreement?

On the flip side, Rob will report an incident in December - on the day Chyna moved out of the house they were sharing - she tried choking him with an iPhone cord and tried hitting him with a metal rod.

Blac Chyna managed to get temporary restraining order after the court granted her request to prohibit Rob from coming within 100 yards and posting photos of her children, King Cairo and Dream.

Meanwhile, the restraining order taken out against Rob is set to remain in place until the next hearing on August 8.

"Chyna is not concerned about Dream being around Rob". "It is also a crime in California and 38 other states". Blac Chyna is fed up with all these rumors as well, she recently chose to break the silence. I don't know. In sports we never pick teams so I will watch.

The moral of the story is like, he doesn't respect me.

Aside from the photos, he also shamed his former lover.

The only reason why she sent Kardashian a video of herself in bed with another guy is just so he would leave her alone.

He then posted a series of explict photos of Chyna on Instagram before his account was shut down. If you publish a book it doesn't give everyone the right to read your diary.

Kardashian published his own sister's phone number for revenge. In the aftermath of Kardashian's image dump and rants, Chyna went on Good Morning America to express the "betrayal" she felt about his recent behavior.

'But because Rob was so happy, that's what mattered to them so they were as on board as they could be. Kourtney Kardashian had a hard breakup of her own, but she's avoided running a public smear campaign. Rob's been a fantastic father and Chyna doesn't need financial support in that way. It would have been better if he could have managed to do it without doing this to Blac Chyna.

"Nothing will have more of an effect on his life going forward for his potential to earn, and just his reputation in general, than having allegations hanging over him suggesting that he is a domestic abuser".