Spider-Man: Homecoming Opens with $15.4M at Thursday Previews

Spider-Man Homecoming poster

"Do we really need a new Spider-Man?" What is your favorite poster for the film thus far?

In the new film, Holland portrays a high school-aged Peter Parker who is still learning how to use his powers. Stylistically, Homecoming is closer to this run than any other Spider-Man book, and Mark Bagley even gets a nod in a cool Easter Egg. They are both geniuses and both do their best to make the world a better place. They absolutely nail it too. In his most memorable scene, he explains to Tom Holland's Spider-Man that he's anxious about the Vulture gang's growing threat to Queens because he has a young nephew in the area.

Holland joked that if he gotten superpowers at 15, he might have been a villain, not a hero.

When we had the opportunity to sit down with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and director Jon Watts last month, those moments were at the top of the conversation. And the fact that this will be gets everything about him right the tone is right it's so amusing of the action is. The tone and style of Spider-Man: Homecoming is very much reminiscent of the dearly loved (but sadly cancelled) Spectacular Spider-Man series, which was also set during Peter Parker's high school years. It's a line that's never uttered once in Spider-Man: Homecoming, yet I couldn't help but feel the presence of the notion throughout the film.

It's time to explore just how the comics informed the movie.

Last night, I got an email from my editor who said we needed a list of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Stark wants him to be a more "friendly neighborhood Spider-Man". From the opening frames all the way to Parker and the Vulture's big showdown, sliding the web-slinger into the MCU couldn't have been easier or more seamless.

Marvel realized the responsibility of making a Spider-Man film that did the character justice.

"It's lucky I didn't know much about Aunt May, because I might have been horrified if I'd seen the original image of a grey-haired pensioner", she said. Not "straight comedy" like this year's GoG Vol. 2, but it was very amusing in its own right. You couldn't have asked for a better cast. "Honestly, it's enough for me to see how kids react and to inspire others to be creative".

Michael Keaton reportedly only signed on for one film as Vulture/Adrian Toomes and while he could always return, "Homecoming" does set up at least one villain for the next installment. Holland succeeds at being a plucky and invincible youngster who has to find his stride and understand what it takes to be a hero. This may sound like previous poor entries have tainted my views, inflating the quality of Homecoming.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" is out in theaters nationwide today.

Homecoming begins with a recap of the events of Civil War through the eyes of Peter Parker as well as a reminder of the destruction caused in the first Avengers film.

As the movie starts, Peter Parker is getting used to his powers while greatly anticipating a phone call from the Avengers for his next call up to the big league when he discovers a cadre of individuals converting salvaged alien technology into weapons and selling them on the streets of NY.

Are you excited yet? Heartfelt condolences to Stan Lee and family on their loss.

PS - The debut of Spider-Man is bittersweet with word of the passing of Joan Lee.