Trump's recent Twitter rant appears to confirm secret Central Intelligence Agency program in Syria

SOCOM Chief Admits US Deployment in Syria Violates Intl Law

"I certainly think what he has done to that country and to humanity is disgusting", Xinhua news agency quoted Trump as saying at a joint press conference with visiting Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, reported, another senior USA official has said that the evaluation of the American intelligence agencies is that there are a large number of foreign fighters who are likely to remain in Iraq and Syria to defend the remnants of the Daesh "caliphate". "I'm not a fan of Assad", Trump said in response to a question about how the United States could help Lebanon deal with the massive influx of Syrian refugees the conflict has displaced into the country.

Some lawmakers and White House officials have expressed concern that the strategy is shortsighted, gives the long-term advantage in Syria to Russia, Iran and Assad, and ultimately leaves the door open for a vanquished Islamic State to reestablish itself.

Obama should have crossed the red line he had drawn in regard to Assad's actions, Trump said, adding that "some frightful acts against humanity took place, including gas and the killing through gases".

Trump also didn't hide his relationship to Assad. "I am not somebody that will stand by and let him get away with what he tried to do", Trump warned. The intelligence group started the arms program to pressure Syria's Bashar al-Assad into stepping down from power. US Donald Trump says what Mr Assad has done to his country and to humanity is disgusting.

"Hezbollah is a menace to the Lebanese state, the Lebanese people and the entire region", he said. "With the support of Iran, the organization is also fueling humanitarian catastrophe in Syria". Horrific acts against humanity have taken place, including gas (attack).

"I'll be making my position very clear over the next 24 hours".

"The United States military has been proud to help in that fight and will continue to do so", he said. "We have generals that don't like to talk, they like to do", he said.