Wonder Woman 2 Release Date December 2019

WONDER WOMAN 2 Gets A 2019 Release Date

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has confirmed that Gal Gadot, who shined the title role alongside Chris Pine and his charming Steve Trevor, will return for the follow-up which the studio has dated December 13, 2019.

There is no Wonder Woman without star Gal Gadot, but you could argue the same for director Patty Jenkins.

Jenkins' "Wonder Woman" is as yet chugging along in the cinematic world, with over $389.7 million from North American theaters.

A script from director Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns is already in development.

Snyder's last film on the franchise, Justice League, is now under-going hefty reshoots under the watchful eye of Joss Whedon after the director had to depart the film, and Warner Bros and DC are rumoured to be spending $25million on the pickups that are causing some scheduling issues with some of the cast.

Flash-forward a month, and Warner Bros. has given us even more of a reason to celebrate: The sequel's got a release date, y'all.

The news comes mere days after Warner Bros. took the stage at Comic-Con 2017 to show footage from Justice League and Aquaman, which are the next two DC films to hit theatres.

Wonder Woman has been a massive success worldwide. It's notable too that she broke records with Wonder Woman, as it was the highest-grossing live-action film directed by a woman. She told Entertainment Weekly in April, when speaking of a sequel: "The story will take place in the USA, which I think is right". "She's Wonder Woman. She's got to come to America".