Android Oreo Adaptive Icons Not What They Seem

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Android 8.0 Oreo update is the most-anticipated software release for millions of Android users around the world, but not everyone's lucky enough to get it.

All in all, Play Protect as it is built into every device with Google Play it will automatically check apps to keep users' data and device safe.

Devices from companies like Samsung, LG, and HTC are already certified by Google Play Protect, but this new change should help you know whether that Android phone from a smaller OEM is certified or not. The Pixel Launcher version 2.1 is not officially available on Google Play, but you can download the APK file from GitHub. You still have to download apps from the PlayStore, which become Channels after installation.

Google has incorporated some super awesome updates into the Android 8.0 Oreo update, which will modify the users-experience.

All devices certified by Google are secure and ready to run apps from Google as well as the Play Store.

For this they have tweaked the security settings in Android Oreo. Treble essentially separates manufacturer implementation processes from the Android framework by adding a new vendor interface to streamline operating system updates, according to Project Treble team lead Iliyan Malchev. Of course, the issue now is not with the feature but with the design, the users are not happy with how the icons look right now and they feel like Google messed up the design big time this time around.

The app has got a new makeover and also got so many new and small features which are really useful. One of the nifty features of the stock Android package is Google's own launcher that's now known as Pixel Launcher, after it was rebranded from Nexus Launcher previous year.

Both iOS 11 and Android Oreo are highly anticipated updates and now that the two updates have been tested for a while we can compare their most important features. Google is now better showcasing them by branding phones and tablets that follow certifications as "Certified Android devices".