Britney Spears Terrified as Man Jumps On Vegas Stage

Britney Spears Bum-Rushed Onstage 'He's Got a Gun?!'

Spears' "Piece of Me" residency at Las Vegas' Planet Hollywood ends December 31. As Spears was wrapping up the song, the video shows a man cartwheeling behind her as he rushes onto the stage with a security guard chasing behind him.

"Is something okay? What's going on?!" she asked as a guard attempted to calm her down. Before he was ejected from the theater, the man succeeded in kneeing one of the guards. "Britney was very professional and continued on like nothing happened", Groce said. He was quickly tackled to the ground by her dancers and eventually handcuffed by security.

Spears is set to return to the stage on Friday and Saturday in Vegas but she has not commented about the incident on stage Wednesday night.

She then realises what is happening as she's surrounded by two huge bodyguards and asks: "Is everything OK?" There was a pause in the show as security ensured everything was ok before the singer and her dancers came back on to finish off the performance.

She was soon escorted from the stage by helpers.

What do you think about Britney's stage intruder?

Missed being on stage. ready for Vegas tonight!

Before the show, Britney shared a collage of photographs from her performances on her Instagram page.

The "Lucky" singer's Vegas residency "Piece of Me" first kicked off in Dec. 2013 and is scheduled to run through this December. Britney's dancers are incredible performers, to be sure - but it turns out they can be heroes, too.