Driver Arrested After Toddler Found Dead in Day Care Van in Orlando

Deborah St. Charles

A VAN driver for a Florida nursery has been arrested after a three-year-old boy died inside her hot vehicle.

Charles was arrested on charges of aggravated manslaughter in the death of little Myles Hill, who was left in an "unbearable environment", trapped in the day care van throughout the whole day with investigators saying that temperatures inside the van could have reached up to 144 degrees.

Meanwhile, Audrey Thornton, the owner of Little Miracles Academy, spoke to the press as well. Instead, he was found dead Monday night and police say he had been inside the van for almost 12 hours.

St. Charles also worked in a classroom at one of the two Orlando daycare centers owned by Little Miracles Academy, and was in one of the classrooms while Myles was left outside in the center's parking lot in the van, the affidavit said. She then closed the rear hatch of the van and walked into the day care, "assuming all of the children had already entered the business, but [she] admitted to failing to perform a head count to be sure", according to the affidavit.

A Department of Children and Families spokesperson said Thursday that Saint Charles was "not approved as a driver on the facility's roster". "I loved Myles, I took care of Myles since he was a baby". "Tragically in this particular situation I don't think that was followed", she said. Her family is here.

During the pickup, Myles' grandmother, Brenda Watts, provided St. Charles with the payment for Myles' childcare and placed him in the back of the van on the driver's side, the affidavit states.

In a news conference Orlando Police Chief John Mina said: "This is an absolute tragedy that could have been prevented".

Although the employees at Little Miracles Academy told the family and relatives of Hill that he was not seen at the day care center for the whole day, they never told them that he was not in when his relatives called the employees to ask about the kid's uniform.

If so, Myles would be the 32nd child this year to die in a hot vehicle in the United States - and the fifth in Florida, Mina said. (Section 6.2, number 3) [SR],' the DCF report said. We are conducting a thorough investigation and are assisting law enforcement with their criminal investigation.

St. Charles, who was tearful during the hearing Friday, was a child-care personnel/school-readiness employee at the day care. "Based on the tragic circumstances of this case, both facilities have now been shut down", the statement added".

This facility was previously cited for not keeping proper paperwork.