Hackers leak Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 5 plot details

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"While it has been reported that a number of emails have been made public, the review to date has not given us a reason to believe that our e-mail system as a whole has been compromised".

However, it does now look like at least some of the Time Warner-owned company's emails were compromised.

The website reported that 10 files were leaked Monday, August 7, as part of the demand including what may be another script of the popular fantasy series Game of Thrones. According to reports, some files have been stolen from HBO and posted online.The hackers were demanding a Bitcoin ransom to prevent further release. "Leakage will be your worst nightmare". The group behind the cyberattack last week released what appeared to be at least one script from "Game of Thrones" and episodes of the networks' "Ballers" and "Room 104" series.

HBO bosses have called in the FBI to investigate the security breach, while also working with police and cybersecurity experts in an attempt to prevent the release of any more information or unaired episodes. "So make a wise decision!", the letter added. This also raises questions about some of the hackers' other claims, and their interactions with the media.

In total, more than 50 confidential documents, the majority of which are internal to HBO, were released by the hackers on Tuesday.

The hackers who stole 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO have leaked a huge load of information on the network.

It was signed: "Mr Smith".

'We continue to work around the clock with outside cybersecurity firms and law enforcement to resolve the incident. They don't have any political goals, they said, and "money isn't [their] main objective". Earlier this year, hackers leaked the entirety of Netflix's new season of Orange Is the New Black more than a month early after the service did not meet their ransom demands.

HBO, which had previously acknowledged the theft of "proprietary information", said it was continuing to investigate and was working with police and cyber security experts.

"We take this breach very seriously and have immediately initiated forensic investigations at our and the technology partner's end to swiftly determine the cause".