How to know if your eclipse glasses are the real deal

The Big Eclipse

'The solar eclipse of August 21 will be the first to cross America in 99 years.

But the USA mainland hasn't seen a total solar eclipse since 1979, when it swooped across Oregon, Washington state, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota, then into Canada.

Skywatchers in the Eastern Hemisphere witnessed a partial lunar eclipse on Monday night, a prelude to the much-anticipated total solar eclipse that will cast a shadow across the Western Hemisphere in two weeks.

"It's going to traverse the entire pass of the United States", Kopernik Observatory Executive Director Drew Deskur said.

Eclipse Fests, StarFests, SolarFests, SolFests, Darkening of the SunFests, MoonshadowFests, EclipseCons, Eclipse Encounters and Star Parties are planned along the long but narrow path of totality, where the moon completely blots out the sun.

In Minnesota, the eclipse will begin at about 11:45 a.m., and will peak at about 1 p.m.

"If you can see lights of more ordinary brightness through your eclipse glasses or handheld viewer, and you're not sure the product came from a reputable vendor, it's no good", AAS said in a statement.

- Parts of historic Front Street in Georgetown will be closed and there will be a DJ playing music, glasses that allow spectators to safely view the event, hydration stations, and multiple places to enjoy the eclipse.

Never will a total solar eclipse be so heavily viewed and studied - or celebrated. "If you're looking up at the sky, you need to have your (eclipse) glasses", said ophthalmologist Dr. Nathan Podoll with the Vanderbilt Eye Institute.

NASA has provided the glasses that can be used for viewing an eclipse. It also looks back to a fascinating period in scientific discovery when general relativity was proven with the photographic recording of a total solar eclipse.

The eclipse will range from 76 percent of the sun hidden in Superior to 87 percent hidden in Platteville. Don't miss it and rejoice with us that God created humans beings at the one time and the one place where we could enjoy and benefit from experiencing flawless solar eclipses'.

- The Marshwalk in Murrells Inlet will be hosting Eclipse Day, offering people the opportunity to combine the natural wonder of the eclipse with the beauty of the Marshwalk. This phase only happens within the path of totality shown on this map. The AAS site also offers a list of companies that make glasses that have been lab-tested to protect wearers from sun damage.

Most of East Tennessee will be in the eclipse's path. It's no myth that staring at the sun during an eclipse can damage your eyes, and it's not exactly obvious why you shouldn't do it.

Some eclipse watchers will get up to a few minutes to take off those glasses. In this case, the total eclipse will last up to 2 minutes and 40-plus seconds in places. In ancient China, a ruler once ordered two astronomers to be beheaded when they failed to predict an eclipse.