Microsoft stops retailing the original Xbox One gaming consoles

Microsoft Officially Kills Off Launch Xbox One

Microsoft has been adamant that the Xbox One X can run better/faster/stronger than the PS4 Pro, but has offered little definitive proof.

In the United Kingdom, the console is listed as "out of stock", according to news website TechRadar.

No surprise here, as Microsoft has set the ball in motion to end production and sales of the original Xbox One consoles. You can also pre-order the new Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition bundle for just $399, which includes a custom-skinned console and controller.

Pre-orders for the Project Scorpio Edition are now virtually sold out.

Microsoft's upcoming console appears to be off to a strong start, as Xbox One X has set a new preorder record for the company.

From the looks of it, Microsoft won't longer be selling the original Xbox One console on its website.

This year should prove to be an important time once again for Microsoft as "the world's most powerful console", the Xbox One X, comes out on November 7th.

Although it's leaving behind the original Xbox One, we can be sure that a new phase of this device is coming soon.

Back in March 2016, Microsoft showed interest in connecting the Xbox line to other gaming networks, including PS4 and Nintendo's own online service.

"Metal Slug XX" and "Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine" are two of the latest backwards compatible Xbox 360 games for Xbox One. The smaller console was widely accepted and praised over the original. European magazine Game Reactor caught up with Xbox's Head of Marketing Aaron Greenberg at the event, who let slip that the team was in talks with Playstation for cross-platform play. The Xbox One X also packs a powerful punch as far as performance is concerned due to its high specs and it is also capable of rendering content at "true 4K". Of course, expanding the reach of Xbox One to a larger audience could arguably be an equally important change.