Northeast Ohio animal rescues poised to assist shelters impacted by Hurricane Harvey

A dog is abandoned on a property off US-77 in Victoria Texas on Saturday. The area has seen heavy rain and flooding

The Oregon Humane Society is sending a disaster response team to Texas to help pets stranded by Hurricane Harvey.

Animal rescue groups and public officials throughout the US are working to save pets and other animals as they continue to be displaced in the wake of Harvey.

At least 100 homeless dogs that were awaiting adoption in San Antonio, Texas, shelters are being relocated to facilities in the northeast to free up space for animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

We have several vehicles including our disaster rig, and have five MOUs (with more on the way) with Texas cities and agencies including Texas City, Corpus Christi, Houston Humane Society and the SPCA of Texas.

As weather experts predict more rainfall in the coming days and residual effects from the storm, shelters are seeking the public's help in preparing for the influx of animals who will be displaced from the bad weather. We are also working with the Houston Humane Society and other local groups to relieve the pressure on overcrowded shelters.

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While the repercussions of Hurricane Harvey dire for many humans, pets and animals are also fighting for survival in the floodwaters.

"You have to kind of compartmentalize, because if I'm thinking about the frightful situation people are in, I don't want to transmit that to the animals", said Adams.

Houston-area animal shelters were filling fast, she said.

"Anything they need, we're here to help", Miller said. The shelter said foster parents will be provided with crates, beds, food and medical care while supplies last.

"People were making multiple trips into this area to get belongings and pets".

Members of the community can also volunteer at Pets Alive, doing tasks like animal care, property maintenance, laundry, and fundraising.

"We are happy to be able to assist in the disaster relief effort for these animals".

The SPCA of Texas says it's prepared to intake up to 300 animals affected by Hurricane Harvey if needed, and will evaluate capacity on a daily basis after that.