Overwatch Deathmatch mode revealed

Blizzard buffs four heroes on 'Overwatch' PTR, details here

The new map would be very challenging to most of the players. The first player in free-for-all deathmatch mode to get 20 kills, or the first side in team deathmatch to get 30 kills, will win the match. Mercy resurrections will take kills away from the other team's total score.

Kaplan also explained some of the maps have been modified to accommodate the two game modes, and a new map was made exclusively for Deathmatch.

Overwatch is taking that main tenet and throwing it out the window for the newest upcoming mode, which is live now on PC test servers. Players will be able to play both Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All Deathmatch.

Overwatch Deathmatch mode revealed

Blizzard has finally announced that Overwatch is getting a deathmatch mode that's now available on PC in the Public Test Realm (PTR). Details regarding the new map are still scarce and Blizzard has yet to provide images of what it even looks like. Being in the top half of the FFA mode will credit the player with a win which will count toward getting loot boxes in Arcade Mode. A brand new map will be used exclusively for the Free-For-All mode called Chateau Guillard, which is home to none other than Widowmaker, Talon's chief assassin.

Kaplan did not give a date on when the deathmatch modes would be released to Overwatch other than "really soon". For now, Blizzard has not revealed when there will be the official debut of Deathmatch on all platforms where Overwatch is available. As you'd expect, it's a French map, located near Annecy - it's also the site of Widowmaker's family estate. You can find the full patch notes for the current PTR, as well as instructions on how to access it, in this post on the official Overwatch blog.

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