Republicans would back postponing election if Trump asked

Evan Vucci  AP

More than half of Republicans would be fine with President Trump indefinitely delaying the 2020 presidential race out of concerns for voter integrity, a stunning Washington Post poll showed Thursday.

Forty-seven percent believe Trump won the popular vote. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton received almost three million more popular votes than Trump, even though the Republican candidate prevailed in the electoral vote. Fifty-six percent answered that they would support the measure if Trump and Congress approved of it.

A newly released poll reveals that more than 50 percent of Republicans would support postponing the 2020 presidential election if President Donald Trump proposed it to ensure that only eligible United States citizens were allowed to vote.

Following the election, Mr Trump has repeatedly said "millions of illegal votes" were cast during the election, but no proof has been presented to the public.

The poll was conducted from June 5-20 from a sample of 1,325 Americans and focused on 650 respondents who "identify with or lean toward the Republican Party". However, he has repeatedly insisted that millions of people voted illegally and therefore cost him the popular vote, and he has hand-picked members of a fraud panel to investigate voter fraud. Those who believed the previous election was influenced by voter fraud were more inclined to support the postponement of future elections.

Of course this is still hypothetical. Were Trump to seriously propose postponing the election, there would be a torrent of opposition, which would most likely include prominent Republicans. Citizens would nearly certainly form their opinions amid such tumult, which does not at all resemble the context in which our survey was conducted.

But the Post warns these results "show that a substantial number of Republicans are amenable to violations of democratic norms that are more flagrant than what is typically proposed (or studied)".

Trump 2020 - unless Trump says otherwise.