Ride Manufacturer Reveals The Cause Of Deadly Ohio State Fair Accident

Family of Ohio State Fair victim seeks wrongful death suit

A fatal accident with a carnival attraction in Ohio, United States last month, was caused by "excessive corrosion", or rust, manufacturer KMG said in a statement on Sunday. when a gondola on the ride - called Fireball in Ohio, but produced under the name Afterburner at KMG - broke loose while the ride was running.

The Netherlands-based KMG International said in a statement that excessive corrosion was found on the inside of the gondola support beam, dangerously reducing the metal arm's thickness over the years.

They said deterioration on a gondola caused the almost two-decade-old "Fire Ball" ride to fail, detach and send several passengers airborne.

Almost two weeks after an "aggressive thrill" ride broke into pieces with passengers still on it, killing one rider and injuring several others, investigators believe they know what might have caused the Fire Ball to break apart: age and corrosion. The company said it conducted an investigation into the incident, which included a visit to the scene and a review of video footage of the incident.

Tyler Jarrell, an 18-year-old Marine, was killed in the accident.

The ride, which was 18 years old, was reportedly inspected several times before and during the fair. His family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The fair's last day was Sunday. A section holding four riders came apart, and screams could be heard as at least two people were ejected and plunged to the ground.

The malfunction left one person dead and seven others injured, ages 14 to 42.

KMG said it is working with safety experts on the inspection process after what happened.

Ohio Department of Agriculture records showed passing marks on inspections for the Fire Ball on about three dozen items, including possible cracks, brakes, proper assembly and installation.