South African MPs To Use Secret Ballot In Vote On Zuma

Zuma 75 will be stepping down as ANC party leader in December and as president ahead of the 2019 general election

Mbete said at a press briefing in Parliament that she made the decision after taking into consideration of all factors regarding the issue.

The ANC has told its politicians to vote against the motion, intending to use its parliamentary majority to back Mr Zuma, as it has in earlier attempts to oust him. "We do not nor have we ever doubted their loyalty and discipline in relation to the decisions of the movement".

She said she would not recuse herself from preceding over the motion as requested by some opposition parties, saying this had "no constitutional basis and is legally misplaced".

Mosiuoa Lekota, leader of the opposition Congress of the People, described the secret ballot as "ground-breaking". "It's what Sotho people call kgomo ya moshate [damned if you do, damned if you don't]", she said. "Our democracy has been usurped by a suffocating web of greed, corruption and patronage that has become the hallmark of the current ANC leadership", Khoza wrote. Our primary focus remains on advancing the gains of our democracy and driving radical socio-economic transformation to the benefit of all in South Africa.

Parliamentary Speaker Baleka Mbete is due to announce on Monday at 3:30pm (1330 GMT) whether the vote will be held in secret as requested by opposition parties. "This decision is about putting the resilience of our democratic institutions to the test".

South Africa is 'witness to larceny on a grand scale, leaving the country not only impoverished, but also increasingly in the hands of criminalised and compromised governance, ' the veterans said in a statement.

In recent weeks, two ANC politicians who publicly said they meant to vote against President Zuma were quickly censured by the party.

The main opposition Democratic Alliance party urged ANC lawmakers to vote Zuma out.

While the removal of Jacob Zuma will not solve every problem in our nation, it would be the beginning of a national rebuilding project that is urgently required. "It is a vote against the kleptocracy President Jacob Zuma has actively developed during his tenure as the leader of the ANC and president of the country", Khoza said.

"The speaker must do that without fear or favour", Mbete said in her speech. The Concourt left the decision up to Mbete.

"The FF Plus is of the opinion that it is only logical to dismiss the president with a secret ballot as he is appointed in this way".

"Many of them have said to us, if it's secret he [Zuma] is gone".

JOHANNESBURG (AP) - South Africa's parliament will vote by secret ballot Tuesday on a motion of no confidence on President Jacob Zuma, the legislative body's speaker announced. And for Freedom Front leader Pieter Groenewald, Mbete's decision was the only rational one to take: "There's hope for democracy and the integrity of Parliament".

The party insisted that it did not oppose the vote being held in secret.