Taylor Swift Sparks New Album Speculation After Social Media Black Out

Taylor Swift performs at a concert in Houston Texas. Swift's social media accounts went dark Friday leading fans to speculate a new album would be forthcoming

Swift had counter-sued Mueller in the civil case, alleging he groped her during a 2013 backstage photo op with fans and guests before a concert in 2013.

Are you excited for Taylor Swift's new album?

Some fans speculated yesterday that Swift, whose last album was the best-selling 1989 in 2014, may be clearing out her accounts before releasing new music.

While Swift going dark is certainly a very curious choice, we're hoping it means that she is in fact going to return to social media with good news...and new music!

Taylor Swift, one of social media's most popular celebrities, appears to have wiped years of posts from her accounts.

The "Out of the Woods" singer has deleted everything off of all of her social media accounts, E!

This latest development has some Swifties pretty sure an album is indeed on the way, particularly since today just so happens to be the third anniversary of her 1989 announcement (and we all know how the girl loves her number play).

Another tweeted: 'Is the new era coming or has she been hacked?' Also, her website is just a blank page.

Similarly, she has released four of her five studio albums thus far on October 20-something - the only exception was her sophomore album "Fearless", which dropped on November 11, 2008.

But perhaps the most interesting pieces of information came from none other than Swift's friends.

"She's aiming to release an album this fall", the source said. We now do not have any new music, but at least we've got this very familiar date.