Taylor Swift takes on critics in new video

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If you watched Taylor Swift's new music video, "Look What You Made Me Do", more times than you care to admit (just us?), you likely noticed there's a scene in which Tay lounges in a luxurious bathtub of diamonds.

Swift's latest video is a controversial one, in particular due to the bath scene, which many fans have speculated is a reference to Kim Kardashian, who was tied up and left in a bathtub during a robbery at gunpoint in Paris a year ago.

Other people are saying it's a reference to a joke she made when she performed Blank Space acoustically at the Grammy Museum last January.

The long-anticipated single came following a social media blackout and a series of cryptic videos of a snake.

There's also a dollar note tucked into the back of the bath full of diamonds - referencing her court case against ex-radio DJ David Mueller, who she proved had groped her at a 2013 concert.

The British actor was photographed wearing a similar vest previous year when the couple were going out.

IS TAYLOR Swift's new song good?

It's after fans compared their videos.

One version of Taylor Swift says to a crying version of herself: "There she goes, playing the victim - again".

Which might be why it's had over 72 million views, but also why fans and viewers alike keep noticing more and more incredible references to "the old Taylor" (you know, the dead one), and insane facts about the video in general.

New Taylor in the music video presides over a group of past Taylors, including the dorky Taylor who sang "You Belong With Me" and the ballerina from 'Shake It Off.' She leads a plastic-doll looking army, a reference to the group of friends Swift's been known to lead like a wolf's pack.

The single is the first of many from a new Swift album all due for release in November, titled "Reputation".