Venezuela Assembly Declares Itself Top Government Body

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But the United Nations said that some anti-government demonstrators had also resorted to violence and that eight members of the security forces had been killed during demonstrations.

The ANC also approved an agreement rejecting the unilateral measures imposed by the USA government against Venezuela and reflected its support for President Nicolas Maduro against foreign threats.

Zeid warned that "these violations have occurred amid the breakdown of the rule of law in Venezuela, with constant attacks by the Government against the National Assembly and the Attorney-General's Office".

- Security forces allegedly are responsible at least 46 deaths.

- Pro-government armed groups "routinely break into protests on motorcycles, wielding firearms and harassing or in some cases shooting at people".

Venezuela's government battled growing worldwide isolation on Tuesday, after the UN slammed it for using "excessive force" against protesters and Latin American nations condemned it for breaking "democratic rule". "Several of the individuals interviewed said tear gas canisters were used at short range, and marbles, buckshot and nuts and bolts were used as ammunition", Shamdasani said.

Venezuela's ministry of communication didn't immediately respond to CNN's request for comment about the United Nations report.

"This government invades the spaces that are no longer able to legitimately win", opposition leader Stalin Gonzalez said on Twitter. Venezuelan authorities did not respond to the team's request for access, the office said.

Mr. Guterres' spokesman said United Nations is closely following events in the country and is convinced the crisis requires a political solution based on dialogue and compromise.

The constitutional assembly's meeting Tuesday came as criticism mounted from foreign governments that have refused to recognize the new body.

The new assembly was created in a July 30 national vote orchestrated by Maduro and boycotted by the opposition.

The new constitutional assembly has signaled it will act swiftly in following through with Maduro's commands.

"The Constituent Assembly got off on the right foot", Maduro said on Sunday. The Supreme Court said she would be investigated for what it called serious violations and offenses.

The opposition is struggling to regain its footing since last week's seating of a loyalist special assembly, which is now busy rewriting the country's constitution.

A further five nations participated in the meeting but didn't sign the document. That raised prospects that two camps may claim to be the country's legitimate government.

The Treasury Department says seven are current or former Venezuelan government officials.

The military is still searching for them after they and other uniformed men fled with weapons stolen from the base's armory.

Leaders of congress, which previously voted not to recognise any of the new super-body's decrees, said lawmakers would try to meet in the gold-domed legislative palace Wednesday, but there were questions whether security officers guarding the building would let them in.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza told representatives from nations including Cuba and Bolivia that long-standing USA aggressions against the South American nation have "entered a much stronger phase".

Colombia's Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin, along with foreign ministers and representatives from across the Americas, gives a news conference after a meeting to discuss the Venezuelan crisis, in Lima, Peru, August 8, 2017.

"The worldwide pressure (...) is necessary for that in Venezuela there is a political change", said Luis Florido, chief of the commission on foreign policy of the Parliament of venezuela.

The group called for new elections with global observers.