Virginia ranks 7th in cheapest gas prices

Prices at the pump take a jump

AAA Mid-Atlantic said Sunday that the average price of a gallon of regular, unleaded gas in Virginia was $2.15, up from $2.09 a week ago.

Prices in metro Detroit were 13.9 cents per gallon higher than this day one year ago, and the national average is 21.6 cents per gallon higher than last year.

AAA reports that gas prices in New England continue to rise.

Gas prices in Rhode Island are now higher than the national average, having increased by eight cents this week. "Looking behind us however, gas prices have remained in a relatively tight range for the a year ago, staying within a 30 cent wide range". The most expensive fuel in town reported to gasbuddy Sunday was $2.24 per gallon at a store on North Valdosta Road.

Gasoline prices in MA have experienced the biggest one-week jump since April as motorists faced a delay in the usual summer gas price spike.

GasBuddy noted that higher oil prices have increased the cost of fuel, while economic troubles in Venezuela, a large oil producer, have cast a shadow over the oil market. Kansas City, Kan. and Lawrence led the way with 10-cent increases, while Manhattan, Salina and Topeka each rose only one cent from last week. "With summer demand running full steam ahead, drivers can expect prices to continue rising".

At $2.09 per gallon, SC has the cheapest gas in the nation. Nationally, the highest average was $2.42 per gallon back in April while the lowest was $2.23 per gallon at the start of July.