WH Aide Omarosa Has Tense Exchange at Black Journalist Convention

Omarosa Manigault spars with panel at black journalist convention

Omarosa Manigault-Newman's panel at the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, didn't exactly go smoothly.

Drama reportedly ensued after conference organizers unexpectedly added Manigault to a panel, much to the displeasure of the other panelists already there. But when moderator Ed Gordon, a Bounce TV host, asked about a speech President Donald Trump gave recently to police officers in NY in which he encouraged officers to use force against suspects, Manigault deflected. Manigault-Newman said she could not "disclose confidential conversations with the president", which elicited sighing and snickering in the crowd, though Manigault-Newman said she thought it was wrong for Trump to make those comments. "Ask questions about me or my father and brother".

Footage of the event has surfaced on YouTube, including cellphone video (above) shot by a reporter for who attended the panel discussion.

The event began cordially, but within minutes, it became a shouting match between Manigault-Newman and Gordon.

"I fight on the front lines every day", Manigault said, rejecting the accusation that she is not an advocate for African Americans issues in the White House.

In late July, while addressing a group of police officers, the president said cops should get more "rough" with suspected criminals while making arrests. "It was that she was added at the 11th hour and it was unclear whether we would be able to discuss substantive issues regarding the administration and its policing policies". "Honestly it was a total mess but one that accurately shows the divide between the mindsets of the African American community in this country today", she said. She maintained she was working on the issue of police brutality in the Trump administration. Many turned around with their backs facing her, many others simply walked out of the panel.

Manigualt walked off the stage when Gordon said it was a "quagmire" that had "reached the point of diminished returns", according to The Times.

She later mentioned that her tweet prompted a discussion between herself and a former NABJ president. She argued that Glover had invited her to talk about her personal experience with gun violence and that he was being dismissive.