World's oldest man and Auschwitz survivor, Yisrael Kristal, dies aged 113

Yisrael Kristal was recognised as the world's oldest man by Guiness World Records in March 2016 Shula Kopershtouk

At his bar mitzvah celebration in September 2016, surrounded by his grandchildren and their families, he reflected on both his personal longevity and the tragedy of the Holocaust, "Here's one person, and look how many people he brought to life".

Yisrael Kristal, the world's #Oldest Man, has died at the age of 113. His original celebration was delayed owing to World War I, in which both his parents died.

During World War I, Kristal was separated from his parents, according to a post from the Guinness Book of World Records.

Guiness recognised him as the world's oldest living man in 2016. He later moved to Lodz to work in the family confectionery business. He continued operating the business after the Nazis forced the city's Jews into a ghetto, where Kristal's two children died. Kristal was deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp, where he was near-death and weighed about 82 pounds by the camp's liberation in 1945.

The only survivor in his family, Kristal later moved to Israel in 1950 with his second wife and their son.

He remarried and has been survived by two children, nine grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren, reports news site Ynet.

He told Guinness there's no secret to living a long life.

His daughter Shula Koperstoch said he had died on Friday afternoon after becoming ill on Thursday.

"Despite all that he went through, and he lost the whole family in the Holocaust, he had a lot of optimism, and he always saw only light and good in everything", his daughter said, the BBC reported.