5 new features worth checking out in Apple's iOS 11

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We discussed iOS 11 and the future of iPhone and iPad in-depth on our weekly technology podcast - Orbital. However, along with the update there comes a new unexpected feature. World's most advanced mobile operating system iOS has got the latest update in form if iOS 11. iOS 11 brings with it a variety of enhancements to make your iPhone/iPad experience even more smooth and better.

Lastly, Apple TV owners can expect some minor improvements as well, such as automatic dark mode based on local time, Home screen syncing for keeping different Apple TVs across the house synced, AirPods support, AirPlay 2 and more. The only thing is required is a latest version of iTunes installed on your device.

"It's likely that Apple is aiming to reduce the "bloat" and increase the performance of future iOS versions on new 64-bit devices with this (potential) move", SensorTower wrote.

You get a lot in exchange for that tradeoff, though.

If users are eager to have the iOS 11 but are unwilling to wait for hours, then they should opt to activate the download at night, while they are sleeping. You can stop the update to iOS 11 if you've set the right controls on the devices you manage.

Screenshots have always been a staple of iOS, but now Apple has taken them to a new level.

While Android users will be able to avail all these features in the new Apple Music app update, iOS users will get the features alongside the iOS 11 update for their device. However, with new iOS your iPhone will be able to detect when you are in a auto and stop incoming text alerts so you stay focussed on your driving.

With iOS 11 you are given another reason to never carry cash.

Live Photos Customization- One thing that we see in the iOS 11 release is Live Photos with more features and options.

The Photos app has also been improved in the iOS 11. This message was rejected by the server' error message when you try and send an email. Just open the Settings app, go to General, then About, and then Applications. To do that, you can either engage into iCloud Backup or iTunes Backup. You can record phone activity as video itself now with Screen Recording.