Blind long-snapper Jake Olson helps USC score an extra point

Blind Football Player Snaps for Extra Point in a USC Win

He lost sight in his right at age 12.

Blind since the age of 12, Jake Olson's chances to play college football seemed slim, but he proved any doubters wrong Saturday when the long snapper took the field for the University of Southern California Trojans and helped his team make an extra point.

It was a magical moment for the team, Olson, his family and friends.

Olson, who played high school football, lost his eyesight as a baby due to a type of eye cancer called retinoblastoma.

USC coach Clay Helton was complimentary of Western Michigan coach Tim Lester for signing off on Olson's debut.

While USC wound up winning the game 49-31, Western Michigan gave it a lot more than it bargained for, as the Broncos led the game 21-14 late in the third quarter, and was tied 28-28 with under eight minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Olson, with the help of the umpire and his teammates, got lined up and delivered a flawless snap for a 49-31 advantage and final score.

His teammates were thrilled he finally got to snap in a regular season game.

"I just loved being out there".

Olson knew going into the game that if the opportunity presented itself, he might get a chance to snap. The lifelong Trojans fan joined the team under a scholarship for disabled athletes and began to practice with the Trojans two years ago.