Crane collapses in Miami due to hurricane winds

Miami Beach Mayor In His Office As Hurricane Irma Lashes Florida

A crane at a Related Group project in Fort Lauderdale went down later on Sunday, Perez said.

Officials with developer The Related Group told the Sun-Sentinel the crane collapse caused no injuries and did not appear to damage anything else.

As Irma approached last week, Miami officials said 20 to 25 construction cranes were up across the city and that they were created to withstand winds of 145 miles per hour (235 kph). The tower cranes with a boom on top are created to spin like weather vanes, so they should be stable if Irma strikes, Whiteman said.

"At the moment, the water on the bay has completely left, so it just looks like ... a mud pile just everywhere all over, and what they're all saying is that's all going to flood Miami, but then it's going to surge back", he said. It's one of two-dozen in the city.

The building's construction was expected to be completed by the end of this year, according to the Miami New Times - but that was before Hurricane Irma struck Florida. Only a few companies are certified to do that kind of work, said Dan Whiteman, vice chairman of Coastal Construction, who has 12 cranes in the Miami area. The shelter opens at 8 a.m. on Saturday and closes when the storm has passed, Baptist Health South said in a statement.

Construction sites across Irma's potential path in Florida were locked down to remove or secure building materials, tools and debris that could be flung by Irma's winds.

After the collapse, the boom was partly dangling on the side of the building, attached to the crane tower by a cable, photos on Twitter showed.

So as Irma's winds and rain began to lash Florida's southernmost city, she hunkered in a borrowed apartment in the senior center where her husband Tim works, along with their granddaughter Sierra Costello, and dog Rocky. The employee captured video of the collapse.

Tower cranes are hundreds of feet tall, and their counterbalances can weigh as much as 30,000 pounds.