Delta flight heads through outer bands of Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico


Pagan also said, "Right now we have areas that are very poor". My heart goes out to the Caribbean islands. Three deaths were reported in Puerto Rico.

"It was bad before".

"More than 8 hours", says Gabriela.

Reyes gathered up her father to ride out the storm at her home, situated in an upper income neighborhood on a hill. They connected her to Flores Vazquez and Bianca Pagan, a friend who was holed-up in her Carolina apartment.

"Where others have turned back, Delta #DL431 presses on", tweeted the Flightrada22, which tracks air traffic in real time.

The flight crew that brought the plane safely into San Juan was relieved by a second crew that flew the plane back to NY.

"We are all going to be stricken".

Obrion said the hotel where she is staying started preparing their guest for the storm Tuesday.


In Puerto Rico, visitors were trying hard to get away, while many residents attempted to get home before the storm hit. "We pray for them", said Joshua Villafuentes. "We lost some power through the night, but we have power now", she said in an email.

She is holding strong to her faith while she waits patiently to hear from her family again.

As the flights approached Puerto Rico, Irma's outer bands had already reached the island, bringing rain and degrading conditions.

He spent much of Thursday morning on the phone with friends and relatives in Puerto Rico and Florida.

Isabel Rulian, co-founder and managing director of ConPRmetido, a non-profit group, said her group had formed an assistance fund to help with rebuilding and recovery in Culebra at

"Milwaukee needed a Puerto Rican bakery and that's why we, all together, chose to open a bakery and, you know, give back to the Puerto Rican people", said Joel Villafuentes.

"I'm just anxious about the safety of my home so we can be protected from this storm", said Pagan in her high-rise apartment building.

"This bakery is praying for Puerto Rico", Joshua Villafuentes said.