Firefox new generation works twice as fast

Firefox Quantum is 2x faster

Firefox Quantum is said to be twice as fast as Firefox 49 from a year ago, and use 30% less memory than Google Chrome.

Mozilla has been hard at work on the next big iteration of its Firefox browser for some time, and now it's nearly here.

Although Firefox was one of the fastest growing Internet browsers during the late 2000's, its USA market share has waned over the years as Google's (goog) Chrome and Apple's (aapl) Safari browsers gained users. The result, claimed Nguyen, is a significant speed improvement, because the engine runs in parallel across multiple processor cores. Indeed, the last three releases (Firefox 53, Firefox 54, and Firefox 55) have all included Quantum improvements.

Mozilla's comeback in the browser wars may be a long shot amid the dominance of Google and Chrome, but there are good reasons to hope the organization is successful.

Other tweaks include ensuring the tab actively in use loads before tabs open in the background and fixing 468 rendering bottleneck issues over the past several months.

The beta of Firefox 57 can be downloaded for Windows, macOS and Linux from Mozilla's website, but it cannot be run alongside the production-grade edition familiar to most users. We can see in the video below that the new Firefox seems to win often (but not always) against Chrome.

We can see from an older Mozilla slide below that Servo looked quite promising compared to Gecko, the old rendering engine used by Firefox.

Firefox Quantum sports a simpler logo than earlier versions of Mozilla's browser. For example, if you're using a Windows PC with a touch display, Firefox menus will change size based on whether you click with a mouse or tap with your finger. Chrome's dominance undermines the web's independence with sites that don't work on other browsers, like Google Allo, Google Play Music and offline features of Google Docs. When you open a new tab, you'll see now trending web pages recommended by Pocket users so you won't miss out on what's hot online, as well as your top sites.

The "Share" button was removed. But before that, we'll get Firefox 56 later this week.

Right now, Firefox 57 - set for release on November 14 - looks like a groundbreaking and highly anticipated release. A brand new beta version of Firefox has just landed and while technically it would be Firefox 57, the changes are so big that it's getting new branding and is called Firefox Quantum.