Food chain Sonic informed of major security breach

You can now buy the credit cards of Sonic customers for $25 on the dark web

The potential breach at Sonic was initially reported by Krebs on Security , which said the first hints of a breach at Sonic came last week when financial institutions noticed a recent pattern of fraudulent transactions on cards that had all previously been used at Sonic.

There are two Sonic locations in the Capital Region, one in Latham and another in Troy.

To determine a connection between the Sonic rumors and the new stolen haul, Krebs then had sources buy cards from the stolen cache, for $25-$50 per card.

The Oklahoma City-based company, which serves 3 million people a day, indicated that credit card customers were most likely at risk after the burger and shake giant was informed of "unusual activity" from its credit card processor.

The last fast-food chain to be impacted by a hack of this magnitude was Wendy's past year, which had more than 1,000 locations compromised. According to reports, as many as five million customers could possibly have been affected by the breach.

"The security of our guests' information is very important to Sonic".

The restaurant chain has more than 3,600 locations in 45 US states, but it's unclear which have been impacted by the previouslyunreported breach.

According to the statement, Sonic staff have called in forensic experts and law enforcement to help look into the issue. It says that it will communicate additional information "as we are able".