For first time in 300 years, no one is living on Barbuda

Hurricane Irma's trail of destruction

He said that after Hurricane Irma struck the Caribbean islands and moved to Florida Keys, it ensured that no one was left on the island of Barbuda, where a civilisation had existed for centuries, reported.

In his message dated Wednesday, Li expressed profound condolences to the victims of Hurricane Irma and extended honest sympathy to the injured and the bereaved families.

The Dean of Southwark the Very Revd Andrew Nunn, welcomed numerous diaspora of Antigua and Barbuda from London and beyond.

Sanders, who has served in Washington, D.C., since 2015, blamed the hurricane on "climate change" and also took a backhanded swipe at industrialized nations-like the USA -for polluting the atmosphere and causing the damage.

When the storm hit, Antigua received minimal damage but the storm obliterated Barbuda's infrastructure, flattening structure after structure.

"The living conditions are not great", Sanders told PRI. He said their government simply can not afford it. Browne went on to say that they hope worldwide partners and friendly governments will come forward to assist the island. He hasn't been able to go back home to look for them.

The brothers transported slaves to Barbuda to work on sugarcane plantations in Antigua, and as numbers of slaves grew, the island became a significant exporter of slaves in the region. That's where they were born.

The Go Fund Me campaign Tyrell started raised more than $3,000 in the first few days; enough to buy supplies and convinced the government to allow access to the island.

Residents of St. John's, Antigua, told Vennavally-Rao they want people to know that their island is still open for business. But the government stated it is keeping a police and military presence on Barbuda.

CNN quoted Sanders as saying Barbuda relies on tourism to survive, but in the meantime Antigua is still available for tourism.

"We believe climate change is here to stay - it's a reality, despite all of the naysayers", he concluded.

Known for its peaceful way of life and natural beauty, Barbuda has abundant wildlife both in its thick bushland and in the turquoise waters which surround the 100km wide island with a population of just 1800. "So it's a handsome place for tourism".