Google Home Mini will reportedly sell for $49

Google set to introduce their second smart speaker before Microsoft releases their first

This is an interesting move from Google since the Daydream View headset is quite a simple accessory already, so you wouldn't think there is much they can improve upon. As with the original Pixel, LG and HTC have been both tied to being manufacturers for the new phones and if this ends up being the case, HTC wouldn't find it hard to carry over one of their more notable features to the Google Phone.

If you prefer your phones a little smaller, the HTC-built Pixel 2 may be more your style. The Pixel 2 XL will reportedly cost $849 (64GB) and $949 (128GB).

First up, it's the Pixel 2, which will reportedly arrive in this fetching shade of Kinda Blue.

Apparently, as speculated by The Verge, the stiff competition between Apple and Google has become even more fierce with the coinciding announcements of the Pixel and the release month of iPhone X. Google even released a teaser video with someone typing questions in the Google search engine. Similar to last year's model, the new device will be made of a fabric of some sort. Just like the Google Home, the Home Mini will come with Google Assistant inside to schedule tasks, control smart devices, and play music. The Google Home sells for $129, while the Amazon Echo goes for $179, though it's often on sale for less.

It looks like the base of the Google Home Mini will match the top part, too, with a dark base for the Coal color scheme, a white base for the Chalk, and a coral base for the Coral variant. It doesn't look like the jersey-based cloth the company used past year, but we'll get the final answer sometime in October.

Unlike Google Home which retails for $130 Dollars, the Google Home Mini is much more affordable at only $49 USD.