How To Know Whether A Game Is Xbox One X Enhanced

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They didn't confirm the exact release time frame for these features but said that at least one of these new features will be released "very soon".

To some extent Microsoft has already been experimenting with support between Gears of War 4 (where there have been mixed-input online playlists) and Minecraft's Better Together update (which has some mouse and keyboard functionality). Microsoft will leave it to the work of developers on whether or not they go ahead with these features. The other feature is on "the list of things we need to get to", meaning that it doesn't seem to be in development at the moment. He also acknowledged players' concerns about the unfair advantage those who use a mouse and keyboard will have over those using a controller. "And based on developer interest, they will choose to do keyboard and mouse, or not!"

For this reason, Microsoft would prefer that developers offer gamers the choice to play with opponents using the same controllers as them, thus erasing potential disadvantages.

As you may know, Microsoft no longer shares how many Xbox consoles it sells during its quarterly earning results, and the company didn't reveal either how many Xbox One X consoles have been pre-ordered so far.

The Xbox Director said that the team is well-aware of the "fairness" issue that will emerge once the keyboard and mouse support is added. It'll still depend whether developers would be interested in adding it.

Xbox Q&A panel at PAX West, Ybarra was asked when Xbox owners can expect to see game gifting and Wishlists hit the Xbox Store.

Some titles have already experimented with keyboard and mouse control support in the past. There may be a clash between keyboard and mouse Vs controller only playlists, it could cut player pools into pieces, reducing the matchmaking speeds. Chime in with your thoughts in the comments section below.