IOS 11 problems and issues

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It is a free iOS app that uses Apple ARKit to show you what Ikea furniture will look like in your own home. Also what's worth noting is with iOS 11, Apple is dropping support for 32-bit apps. Apple iOS 11 was released at 10.00 AM Pacific Time yesterday, which is around 10.30 PM IST for users in India.

Apple often delivers key features in later versions of a big iOS release, so we'd assume it'll be built into iOS 11.1 or 11.2.

Many users expressed outrage on a Reddit thread about the issue, especially amidst reports that Apple knew - or at least should have known - about it dating back to July, when beta testers first ran into problems sending Microsoft email through the iOS 11 Mail app.

Have you noticed any more missing features in iOS 11?

In an Apple Newsroom update highlighting new features coming to iPhone and iPad tomorrow, the Apple Pay Cash feature is described as "coming this fall" to iOS 11 and watchOS 4. Since the update went live, numerous individuals probably by the millions have tried to get their hands on it, which in turn have flooded the servers, causing it to lag.

While the above mentioned features are the key highlights of what iOS 11 would be, it is definitely not the end. You also can choose the Bounce effect in order to make the clip go forward and backward and then forward once again.

You can play different tracks in different rooms, at different volume levels.

Say what you may about iOS, but after just 24 hours of release, iOS 11 is running on 10% of compatible devices around the world. Or, you can simply refrain from updating to iOS 11, and avoid replacing your device, as new iPhones and iPads ship with the latest version of iOS. This can be a huge factor in improving iOS 11 battery life. "Siri is more natural and useful and a redesigned App Store makes it easier to discover apps and games". There will be an "Auto-Brightness" section and inside there you will be able to turn the auto-brightness feature off.