Irma moves over Florida Keys and locally another sunny day

Pleasant and fall-like through the weekend, continuing to track Hurricane Irma

Nevertheless, the air will still be cooler than average, as highs will generally be in the lower to middle 70s - with upper 60s in the Litchfield Hills.

The area of high pressure responsible for this good fortune will be almost overhead tonight, which will bring another chilly night. The temperatures, though, will be back in the lower 90s. The attractive weather will continue into Monday with mostly sunny skies and highs in the mid-70s.

Tonight will be clear with a low around 50. That means highs only in the middle 70s there. Overnight lows will be around 60 in Memphis. We'll see a nice mix of sun and clouds. Next week, Jose is expected to meander in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean between Puerto Rico and Bermuda, not impacting any other land for now.

As the center of the storm dies over Tennessee, the Harrisburg area will see the weakening northern band of the main system, which should bring some rain and then drizzle Tuesday night and into Wednesday.

Showers - the last remnants of Irma, its hurricane-force winds spent as it crawls northward - are expected to reach the area on Wednesday.

Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows: Upper 40s to upper 50s.

Thu: High: 88 Low: 63 Mostly sunny.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, comfortable and warm. Low: 73. High: 95. If this forecast pans out, Friday would be a great day for a late-summer beach visit. A couple of wet days are in store for us.

Otherwise, it's just another mild start to our Sunday!

According to Weather Underground, Hurricane Jose stayed northeast of the battered Leeward Islands and is gradually weakening as it heads northeast. Major Hurricane Irma is imminent. This is because of Irma moving further inland, near Tennessee. As rain continues across our region highs will only reach into the upper 60s by the afternoon and evening making it feel very cool outside. Irma will be much weaker by the time it arrives here (especially if the storm tracks over all of Florida). Breezy. Winds: NE 10-15, with gusts up to 25 miles per hour. This is still on the western side of Florida, which could lead to more damage across the state. Irma is a large and powerful hurricane that will cause a widespread path of destruction as the storm travels along the Florida West Coast Sunday into Monday. Heavy rainfall also is possible, but the threat of flash flooding is low. Irma now has sustained winds of 150-mph as it threads its way between Cuba and the Bahamas today.

But that's at least a week away, and forecasters are keeping an eye.