Jury: Anissa Weier mentally ill in stabbing of classmate

Detective shares victim's account in Slender Man stabbing case

After a full day of deliberations, which lasted until late Friday night, a jury in Waukesha County found that Anissa Weier was mentally ill when she and a friend attacked another girl, leaving her to die in the woods.

Weier, 15, has already admitted to taking part in the crime with Geyser, but the jury has to decide if Weier was so mentally ill she should be sentenced to a mental institution, instead of prison. Geyser, who is accused of doing the stabbing, pleaded not guilty, and her trial is scheduled to begin October 9. He's convinced she legitimately believed that she and her family were in danger from Slender Man. The girls felt that they were Slender Man's "proxies", and had to stab their classmate on behalf of Slender Man so that the character wouldn't hurt their own families.

"I know now it's just teenagers who really like scaring people and making them believe false things", Weier told Waukesha Detective Michelle Trussoni.

At 12 years old, she had no way to protect herself from (Slender Man) except for Morgan's advice and they swirled down into madness together'.

Ms McMahon claimed Weier and Geyser had become obsessed with Slender Man, developing a condition called shared delusional disorder. She had faced up to 10 years in prison if she was found mentally fit.

Van Rybroek examined Weier past year.

"At the moment of this awful tragic event, that she was confused and convinced that something real was going on with this very unusual character called Slender Man", he said.

The Journal Sentinel reports Fisher testified Wednesday that Leutner told her Geyser had become obsessed with Slender Man and other scary characters on the Creepypasta website. Co-defendant Morgan Geyser is scheduled to go on trial next month.

In his questioning of Trussoni, Assistant District Attorney Kevin Osborne focused on the fact Weier didn't clearly tell anyone she was afraid of Slender Man's wrath until after the stabbing, reinforcing his comments in opening statements Tuesday that Weier understood that what they were doing was wrong, but that she went along with the plot to preserve her friendship with Geyser.

Another psychologist told jurors, Weier's delusional disorder forced her to violence.

Both Weier and Geyser were originally charged with being a party to attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

Weier, now 15, pleaded guilty in August to being a party to attempted second-degree intentional homicide.