LGBT student shot by Georgia police told officers to 'shoot me'

Officer Involved Shooting on Georgia Tech Campus

Protests have broken out at a USA university after an LGBT student activist was shot dead by police officers outside a campus dormitory.

Police came across Schultz at an Atlanta college campus after a call about a "person with a knife and a gun", officials told the BBC. Police arrived on the scene and attempted to get Schultz to drop his knife, but he refused.

After Schultz "continued to advance" an officer fired, striking Schultz.

Stewart said the officer who shot Schultz had overreacted and should have handled the situation better because Schultz was having a breakdown and was suicidal. Video footage does not show Schultz carrying a gun, but rather, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, they appear to have a multi-tool pocket knife with no blade drawn.

The president of Georgia Tech, George P. "Bud" Peterson, said that the incident marked a "heart-wrenchingly painful time" for all at the school and offered condolences to Schultz's family.

"He had a tiny knife." the father said.

Officers said they repeatedly tried to talk to Schultz, but the fourth-year engineering major was described as uncooperative, the GBI said.

The deceased has been identified as Scout Schultz, the president of the Pride Alliance at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

A video of the incident, near a parking deck on Eighth Street, shows officers yelled at Schultz to put the knife down.

Scout's mother, Lynn Schultz, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that her oldest child suffered from a number of medical issues over the years, including depression.

"We contacted a lawyer that specializes in police shootings and all we can say right now is that we will make a statement tomorrow (Monday)", Lynne Schultz said.

"We are all deeply saddened by what has occurred", the group said in a statement. The person, identified as Schultz, didn't comply.

He said that he "did not think Schultz was attempting suicide by police", and so officers should resorted to using non-lethal force instead. More officers tell Schultz to stop, but after Schultz pauses and then takes a few steps toward the officers, one of the officers shoots. "They pushed us to do more events and a larger variety events".

Stewart says he plans to sue over the shooting.