Mo disaster volunteers head out to meet 'Irma'

Bay Area Rescue Teams Head to Mississippi for Hurricane Irma on Heels of Harvey Relief Efforts

Spokesman Mike Pruitt says it's good to have everyone back, but members of the team are still on their toes with Hurricane Irma likely to make landfall in Florida or SC this weekend. The team is made up of first responders from the Lincoln and Omaha areas.

Borer said, "some people have that level of commitment, where they will work their shift". Many of them say they are recharged and ready after serving in Texas for Hurricane Harvey.

"Non-stop moving from neighborhood to neighborhood and helping whoever we could, so you don't think about it at the time", said Capt. Caimi.

"They gave us a couple of days to rehab, and so we're pretty well rested up".

"It's always good to help somebody that's in need". Now, those teams are getting ready for Irma's wrath. They know- Irma could send them out the door once again.

They serviced five semitrucks and seven trailers between Tuesday evening and Thursday, with as many as four technicians simultaneously working on individual rigs, he said.

RAW Bay Area Rescue Crews Return Home From Harvey Duties
RAW Bay Area Rescue Crews Return Home From Harvey Duties

"They literally finished everything when the call came in around 6 p.m., so the timing was right".

Nebraska Task Force 1's 80-member search-and-rescue team is the largest contingent of Nebraskans to respond so far since a one-two punch of hurricanes socked Texas and threatened Florida.

"It's what we do", Ganger said, adding that about 90 percent of the people on the task force are firefighters.

"We're excited to be able to represent Nevada as we go out the door".

Over the next few hours, team members will begin arriving and loading almost 60,000 pounds of gear onto semis, which will be driven out to Florida to meet the team.