Mobile increases unlimited data cap from 32GB to 50GB

T-Mobile unlimited plan data limit 2017

But lest you think that T-Mobile plans to increase their threshold every quarter, they won't spoil you that easily.

Just a few months after T-Mobile made a decision to increase the "Fair Usage" threshold for their customers to 32GB, a source has said they will once again increase this to 50GB. For Verizon and AT&T, this threshold is 22GB, and until today, T-Mobile's was 32GB.

For those not familiar, the Fair Usage Threshold is a limit T-Mobile sets on data plans to give them the power to slow down the speeds of customers who are using a ton of data and on a congested network.

To lose these restrictions, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile offer more premium unlimited tiers - though, of course, you'll have to fork over extra cash.

Ever since Verizon and AT&T introduced unlimited plans earlier this year, each of the big four have been tweaking their plans and trying to make it the most attractive for consumers.

This move is meant to kick a little dirt in the eyes of AT&T and Verizon, after third-party testing earlier this month confirmed that T-Mobile has the fastest LTE data network among the top four us wireless carriers. This is a fairly significant upgrade, and one that many users probably won't hit.

Hey! You got it!

So, unlimited lines that use more than 50GB in a billing cycle will now trigger the prioritization point.

The new 50GB prioritization point goes into effect starting tomorrow for T-Mobile customers on unlimited data plans.