Nike Unveils NBA Statement Uniforms

Nike releases all new NBA 'statement edition' alternate jerseys at media event

For the Clippers, Blake Griffin unveiled a predominantly black uniform.

While the new program can bring added value to a jersey purchase for fans, the value for Nike is much more tangible.

"The Statement Edition uniform sets the tone for big games or rivalries and is inspired by the team's desire to make a bold statement every time they step on the court".

The new uniforms come courtesy the NBA's new partnership with Nike. It will be interesting to see what style changes teams go through during the next few years. Players will also reportedly have the ability to release messages only to those who have bought their jersey, rather than broadcasting something on social media. It features an NFC chip (near field communication chip), and when you download a Nike app, it'll unlock exclusive content for that player.

While connecting fans to real-time data about their favorite players is a great way for Nike to deliver content to customers, the real value for Nike in this program is an expansion of their business analytics. The tags work in conjunction with the NikeConnect app to bring to your smartphone pre-game arrival video, game highlights, and music playlists from National Basketball Association stars.

The jerseys will be available online globally on September 29.

Instead of always wearing the white uniform, home teams this season will get to choose which of their jerseys they wear for a given game.