Nissan Revamps Leaf Electric Models

2018 Nissan Leaf Leaves Fans Sweating Over E-Pedal

And also planned is a higher-power model which will also boast a longer range - some observers predict that the LEAF will gain a version in Nissan's NISMO performance sub-brand in order to attract younger buyers. The Nissan Leaf will be available on 2 October in Japan and will reach the rest of us by January 2018.

Inside, the new LEAF has become much more mainstream too - if you've been in anything new from Nissan recently it'll all look quite familiar - and although the gear knob sticks out of the dash the rest is normal - but with blue stitching.

Nissan also integrates the ProPILOT system that helps reduce driver workload in certain conditions by handling acceleration, steering, and braking.

The worry for Nissan, however, is that "range anxiety" will dampen excitement over the new release.

Nissan's engineers focused heavily on improving electric range, with the standard Leaf now able to travel a claimed 235 miles on a single charge. What's more, Tesla's Chevrolet Bolt - priced at $37,000 (€31,000) - has a range of 238 miles.

The zero-emissions vehicle - which Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Co. unveiled in the USA late Tuesday and in a Tokyo suburb Wednesday - promises a travel range of about 400 kilometers in Japanese driving conditions or 150 miles in the US, before needing another charge.

Dimensionally the new Leaf is slightly longer overall than the model it replaces, measuring 4480mm compared to 4445mm.

In addition, the Leaf also features an e-Pedal that alters the driving experience by letting drivers start, accelerate, decelerate and stop by increasing or decreasing the pressure applied to the accelerator. The bulging curves of the old Nissan Leaf have been done away with to make way for sharp lines.

Nissan officially states that they are trying to place the 40-kWh Lithium-ion battery.

The latest generation Leaf, which costs Yen 3.15 million (Rs 18.61 lakh or Dollars 29,000) has a 40kWh battery with a cruising range of 400kms, more than three times the current range offered by the Mahindra e2o, one of the two fully electric cars on sale in India.

The updated EV now offers a range of 400km thanks to a new e-powertrain which also puts out 110kW and 320Nm.

The advanced technology impressed the Jalopnik writer, "including some semi-autonomous functionalities with its ProPilot system, where the auto can manage single-lane highway driving". The torque power of it is about 26 percent to 236-pound feet. Nissan is dedicated to improving the environment under the Nissan Green Program and has been recognized annually by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year since 2010.