Pres. Trump Coordinates With Afghan Counterpart Against Terrorism

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani addresses the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday Sept. 19 2017 in New York

"If Pakistan does not take this opportunity, I think they will pay a high price", he said, without elaborating.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi claimed in his address at the UN General Assembly that safe havens of the Taliban does not exist in Pakistan, but in Afghanistan. The country repeatedly has said it has acted against Taliban insurgents and members of the Haqqani network militant group.

"I hope that this time, Pakistan will get the message loud and clear that business as usual can not continue".

Responding to Afghanistan's statement, Pakistan said that Afghanistan instead of blaming others for its problems and failures "should focus" on eradicating safe havens for terrorists in its ungoverned spaces deal with its war economy and narcostate.

Even as US President Donald Trump calls for a greater role of India in the war-torn Afghanistan, Pakistan has protested against India helping in the Afghanistan efforts.

US President Trump met President Ghani appeared in front of media in NY on Thursday.

Under the plan, Ghani told NPR that USA troops will continue to advise, assist, and train Afghan forces and will not return to a combat role.

Senior officials have said Trump's plan for Afghanistan involves sending up to 3,900 additional US troops on top of the roughly 8,400 Americans now in the country.

On September 20, Ghani said the new USA strategy in Afghanistan, by working more closely with Kabul and taking a harder line toward Pakistan, stands a better chance of working than previous plans. "We are training and we're working with them very closely but it's the Afghans that are doing the fighting", he said.

Ghani, a former World Bank official, praised global institutions like the United Nations for helping to foster stability in the wake of the second world war, but he said new efforts were needed to confront the "threats we are facing to our economies, our security and our values". "I've also heard not only this morning but over the last few weeks that the spirit is tremendous of the Afghan forces and of the American forces".

"It is time to expose and hold responsible" nations that provide funding and safe havens to terror groups, Trump said without naming any country.

"The four year plan involves the goal of really bringing 80 percent of the territory of the country under control", Ghani told National Public Radio in an interview that aired Thursday, according a Associated Press (AP) report.

He also vowed to take a tougher line to end what US officials say is Pakistan providing refuge and other support to the Taliban and other extremist groups.