Ryanair puts a number on passengers affected by cancellations

Ryanair Cancels Flights Due to Scheduling Mishap; Airline Released Complete List of Cancelled Flights

Former Prime Minister and Labour MEP Alfred Sant has requested that the European Commission outline what steps it actions it planned to take over flight cancellations by low-priced carrier Ryanair.

Ryanair's Kenny Jacobs said: "We apologise sincerely to each and every one of the 315,000 customers whose original flights were cancelled over a six week period in September and October, while we work to resolve this short term rostering failure".

In total, the airline has cancelled 2,100 of its 103,000 flights over the next six weeks due to a mix-up over the allocation of its pilots' annual leave.

Michael O'Leary, the airline's chief executive, told a press conference on Tuesday that it was clear the debacle had a "large reputational impact" and apologised.

Over 200 canceled flights are either going to or from London Stansted, including some connected to Edinburgh, Manchester, and Birmingham.

The number of Ryanair pilots to have defected to Norwegian Air reaches 140.

The airline said it was cancelling flights at airports where it ran the busiest schedules so it would be easier to place passengers on alternative flights. It is legally required to spell out compensation rules when a flight is cancelled and, in our view, have so far failed to do that, leaving passengers hunting around for information.

O'Leary added that they are compensating for the rebooking of flights for their passengers who are eligible to receive compensation based on the European passenger rights legislation.

Hundreds of thousands of travellers are now scrambling to change their flights after Ryanair released their full list of cancellations last night.

Amid a flurry of complaints about customers being left stranded - with many forking out for accommodation and struggling to contact the airline - it announced on Wednesday that it was making progress in tackling the backlog.

By the end of today, Wednesday, they expect to have reassigned 55 per cent of customers affected to other Ryanair flights which amounts to over 175,000 passengers.