The hidden change on Apple's new iOS 11 that's infuriating users

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"The message was rejected by the server".

This might seems like a bug, but this is exactly what Apple meant to do.

"In order to see meaningful change we must challenge the roots of male violence against women, such as attitudes of sexism and hostility to women, disrespect and entitlement to women's bodies, and the normalised objectification of women", she said. I'm guessing we're looking at least a week out.

But two of the most awaited iOS 11 features didn't make the cut and fall into the "coming soon", arena.

You can choose from as many as 17 different functions - from accessibility shortcuts to Wallet - to add to your Control Centre setup, giving you easy access (just swipe up) to some vital iPhone functions. It doesn't work if you try to access your Control Center in the middle of viewing a snap, but you can always replay it if you miss something juicy and want to be the worst person imaginable. Until now this feature, accessible from the lock screen, has been limited.

Also, a feature you're hardly going to use is the new Wi-Fi password sharing feature.

But now it lives up to its name. Think recording gameplay or recording a tutorial. We will walk you through certain tips that will (hopefully) get you back in business. You can then edit and doodle on the screen.

Tap the sleep/power button five times to bring up the Emergency Mode screen. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

Speaking of storage, the iPhone will now tell you when you're running out of storage space and suggest ways to fix it. Sort of like Finder on the Mac. The feature shines on iPad, but you can also use it on iPhone in select apps including the Notes and Camera apps.

But one thing that has a number of users quaking in their boots is the new ability to capture and record the iPhone screen's output.

Siri has been given a nice upgrade to her voice.

Movement is generally lax and not time-sensitive, so controls shouldn't be of too much concern there, and you've got to imagine the line-tracing puzzles themselves control like a dream with touch. You can go to Settings and hit the toggles for those features there. They are happily using their iDevices with this update. You can loop a live photo so it plays over and over.

So there you have some changes that you should be aware of including one initial glitch that they're working out. With iOS 11, it's back to a single page.