Tighter sanctions on North Korea could have a harsh humanitarian impact

EU to impose more economic sanctions on North Korea: report

While China reports a possible explosion in North Korea, the South's weather agency believes the quake was natural, noting that some of the characteristics of artificial earthquakes, specifically the sound waves, were not detected. "Would they be sure that the United States and Japan will just sit there and watch?" USA dollars are the lifeblood of the global financial system and banks operating internationally need easy access to them. "If Russia wants to restore its role as a credible actor in resolving the situation with North Korea it can prove its good intentions by upholding its commitments to establish global efforts on nuclear security and arms control". But they will not halt North Korea's nuclearisation.

One project that has been discussed in the past involves building gas pipelines from Russian Federation to South Korea through North Korea.

In the almost three weeks since, as leaders of North Korea and the United States have exchanged insults, the world has braced itself for another show of force by the North.

The natural disaster was detected in an area around Kilju, in north-east North Korea. And that relationship keeps North Korea afloat. "Millions of South Koreans have family in the North".

As pressure from the West to derail North Korea's nuclear weapons program increases, Kim will likely continue to develop cyberattack capabilities in response.

The agency said the quake occurred around Kilju in north-eastern North Korea, about 20 kilometres south-east of the site of a nuclear test earlier this month.

Are there still diplomatic means of addressing this situation that have not been explored?

The "Four Nos" commitment was stated by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on August 1, and refers to Washington's promise not to seek a regime change in Pyongyang, not to seek the collapse of the DPRK government, not to seek the acceleration of a reunified Korean Peninsula, and not to send its military north of the 38th Parallel that acts as the boundary between the DPRK and the Republic of Korea. The country lacks assets to air-drop a nuclear device, and sending a vessel out to sea to detonate a device raises the chances of getting detected and stopped by the USA military. Since Kim came to power after the death of his father Kim Jong Il in 2011, he has ramped up nuclear and missile weapon tests. It also has a vast array of conventional artillery aimed at Seoul.

"If traders were hoping for a strong US dollar rebound in the wake of this week's Fed meeting, the initial response was certainly encouraging (but) beyond that the response has been underwhelming", said CMC Markets analyst Michael Hewson.

What potential actions could lead to even more destabilization and should be avoided? Given that North Korea will continue its efforts to become a nuclear state, and given that military options are not viable, we may have to find a way to live with a nuclear North Korea. It is a reality that we have worked hard to avoid, but time is not on our side.