Twitter Trying a Bump of Character Limit From 140 to 280

Twitter to test longer tweets to drive engagement

For example, those who tweet in English may face this problem, but for Japanese users 140 characters are sufficient.

Users say, Twitter's main feature is brevity which would be hampered by longer conversations.

Twitter users seemed split on their reaction to the change.

The tweet limit of 140 characters, in place since Twitter was launched in 2006, has led to "cramming" in most languages, meaning users had to leave out words to make their messages fit. That rate is 0.4 percent for Japanese tweets. He finishes sharing his thought and still has room to spare.

Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey said that it was is a small change yet a significant move for the company.

The decision came after Twitter realized, the character limitation was hampering tweets made in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French unlike the tweets made in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. In March, Twitter stopped counting @replies from the 140-character limit.

The 280-character limit is now only available "to a small group", with no mention in the announcement of when it plans to roll it out to the remaining Twitter users. The average Japanese character tweet is 15 characters, but English writers use 34. The company wrote in its official blog that the already existing character limit of 140 was "a major cause of frustration" as per few users.

We all knew that this day would come when Twitter would finally relent and let people post more than 140 characters. "It's what makes it such a great way to see what's happening", they wrote. Tweets get right to the point with the information or thoughts that matter.

"We want every person around the world to easily express themselves on Twitter", Rosen explained in her blog post.