Violence Disrupts Turkey President Erdogan's Speech in NY

Erdoğan fans security staff beat up protesters during US speech

At the start of their meeting in New York, Trump heaped praise on Erdoğan, saying that "he's getting very high marks".

"They didn't expect to be attacked since they weren't in a front line against the Turkish-backed rebels but against Daesh [ISIS], so they had not taken precautions against airstrikes", Sherwan Darwish, the spokesman, told the L.A. times. When Mr. Amos stood up, he said a lot of people tried to get to him but he was sitting between women and the elderly and that protected him for a moment.

Erdogan was addressing the the Turkish American National Steering Committee (TASC) at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square when a few members of the audience began yelling at the president. No arrests were made, and no injuries were reported.

A spokeswoman for Marriott International's New York City hotels told the newspaper that only "a very small number" of the almost 2,000 estimated attendees were escorted out.

Erdogan had said he spoke with Trump about the clash earlier this month, remarking in a television interview that Trump had conveyed his sadness.

One police official said the violence had been sparked by competing protesters not by Erdogan's security forced. Video footage from VOA Turkish shows the guards and Erdoğan supporters beating the demonstrators as they were taken from the room.

In a written statement regarding the meeting organized by the Prime Ministry's Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) and hosted by the EastWest Institute, Erdoğan met high-level representatives of companies operating in many sectors, such as information, pharmaceuticals, aviation, food, finance and energy, in NY where he was to attend the 72nd UN General Assembly. Erdogan watched on from a vehicle parked a few yards away. Fifteen Turkish security officials and four civilians were later indicted on assault charges by a grand jury in August.

In May, Turkish security officials were seen on video hitting and kicking peaceful protesters who had gathered outside the Turkish ambassador's residence in Washington, DC, during a USA visit by Erdogan.

This isn't the first time Erdogan backers have been violent against protesters in the United States. Mr. Erdogan, for his part, accused American officers on the scene of bungling the situation. "We need USA assistance on this matter", Erdogan said. "Actually, President Trump called me about a week ago about this issue".