Whole Foods Market Hit By Cyberattack

Whole Foods' restaurants, taprooms hit by credit card data hack

Whole Foods, the upmarket United States supermarket chain recently acquired by Amazon, has admitted to a point-of-sale data breach compromising customers' credit and debit card details.

And Amazon, which sealed its $13.5 billion deal to buy the high-end grocer in August, does not link its network to those Whole Foods systems.

But the company does state that the systems that were hit do not connect to, which recently acquired Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion.

New York, March 11, 2017: People are coming in a Whole Foods grocery store on Union Square in Manhattan.

The Whole Food stores that do have in-store restaurants and bars tend to be in or near cities. However, it noted that most of its locations don't have taprooms or restaurants.

It isn't known how many credit card users may have been affected, as Whole Foods is investigating the details of the matter as they come in.

Store brands accounted for more than $150 billion in grocery sales past year, according to the Private Label Manufacturers Association. The company says not all customers are affected, however.

Third-party data showed a surge of traffic as curious shoppers flocked to Whole Foods stores several days after the price cuts took effect, but that subsequently dropped.

The company said it is "taking appropriate measures to address the issue". (NASDAQ:AMZN), has announced a data breach.

"The company's investigation is ongoing and it will provide additional updates as it learns more", Whole Foods said in a statement.

The company said payment information at certain venues, including taprooms and full table-service restaurants inside some of its stores, was accessed.