A 14 year old model died at a fashion show in Shanghai

Modelling scandal young girl dies in China after 13 hour fashion show with no medical insurance

Vlada Dzyuba collapsed backstage at a fashion show in China suffering from chronic meningitis "compounded by severe exhaustion" and later died, according to The Siberian Times.

The cause of Dzyuba's death is believed to be a mixture of exhaustion and meningitis.

In the story the mother of Vlada said: "She called me. I didn't sleep myself and was calling her constantly, begging her to go to hospital".

"It must have been the very beginning of the illness".

Vlada Dzyuba fell to the ground just moments before she was set to make her latest appearance on a Shanghai catwalk and never regained consciousness, the International Business Times reported.

On Tuesday evening, she told her agent that she had started vomiting and did not feel well.

Dzyuba's mother Oksana said the schoolgirl had been complaining of fatigue while working on a three-month assignment in China.

Oksana was not able to secure a visa in time to travel to China to see her daughter before her death.

But the Russian girl's tragic death now raises fears over the exploitation of children by the glamour industry.

'Minutes later she collapsed and was unconscious, ' reported The Siberian Times.

It has been claimed the teen was on a "slave labour" contract and had been too afraid to seek medical treatment. Said: "Mom, I'm so tired". "There is no so-called slave contract". During the Asian Fashion Week, the model had been working for the past 13 hours straight due to which she felt exhausted. This would violate Russian law, which states that underage models can't work more than a three-hour day. It is unclear what role he played in seeking medical care for the model when she needed it.

In addition, the 12-hours long fashion show held in the most populous city in China with a population of more than 24 million people - Shanghai.

Zheng said his company has about 50 foreign models, only about two of whom are under age 16. The following day, she worked for eight hours and took three breaks. And then her temperature shot up.

According to Zheng, at this point, there were red spots on her body, she had a headache, was vomiting and couldn't stand up without help from others. On Oct.26, her condition worsened and she was transferred to the intensive care unit.

She admitted not personally checking the girl's contract and medical insurance.

From the outside, the life of a model may seem glamorous beyond belief - but usually, that isn't the case.

As for claims that Vlada should only have been allowed to work a few hours a week, Zheng said that his contract with the Russian agency was standard and legal.

Before she went into a coma she had told her mother back home in Russian Federation by phone that she was exhausted.

It has emerged that the girl's mother Oksana is a glamour magazine editor in Russian Federation and that she had encouraged her daughter into a modelling career.