Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp | Release date, events, microtransactions, everything we know

Animal Crossing mobile game details will finally be revealed on October 24

Just like its name suggests, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a game where players will build, and manage, a campsite.

Yesterday Nintendo announced Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It's likely that there will still be some "Freemium" options, as are with most mobile games, but there will be plenty of things to do without having to pay a dime. There are slightly different steps for Android users and iOS users, so keep scrolling to see what you need to do, and share this post with a friend who loves Animal Crossing! You can choose to be a girl or a boy, and customize things like skin color, hair color and eye color. It looks as though the campsite is very customizable with furniture, decorations and larger amenities to fill the empty space. These include furniture and decorative items, like couches and benches, as well as baskets and plants.

Other Animal Crossing staples are here too.

Pocket Camp's essential services are spread across multiple areas that you need to drive between. Leaf Tickets can be earned simply by playing the game and levelling up, but you can also buy them with your real-world money. If you hit up Cyrus to build something for you, like an item or even an "amenity" like a pool, it's going to take some time to do so.

When is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp coming out? Your goal is to make friends with the cute and chill animals, improve your cute and chill house, and do cute and chill activities like play hide-and-seek or find fossils to donate to the village museum. Perhaps you're building a new couch, or a chair for K.K. Slider to sit in when he wants to visit - it may take a few days in real time, or you could do it instantly by using Leaf Tickets. Bells are acquired by selling items like bugs and minerals. The items "can be used to shorten the time needed to craft items, more easily acquire materials or acquire unique camper exterior designs".

Where this would feel like a gross intrusion in most series, when it comes to Animal Crossing - whose entire reason for being is to revel in the most fucked up elements of capitalism - what does it matter! As long as you make sure that your phone is set to accept files from 3rd party sources before installing; you can run the application before its official launch.

The game will have seasonal events and limited-time items and outfits through game updates which will become available through free updates once the game has launched in November. It's like those tiny homes that are all the rage. but with wheels!