Can Tesla Reboot Puerto Rico's Power Grid?

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Elon Musk is keen to give Puerto Rico a solar energy future as the wrecked island rebuilds in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

The initiative would likely involve a large-scale solar-powered electricity grid, similar to another Tesla solar network that has been built to power the islands of Ta'u in Samoa as well as Kauai in Hawaii.

The idea could come to fruition.

Millions of Puerto Ricans are living in the dark at home after Hurricane Maria pummeled the island, knocking out its already fragile electric grid. Tesla has already sent hundreds of its Powerwall battery packs to help the cause, which can be paired up with solar panels to provide microgrids to some parts of the island.

Musk has said that Tesla's new cars produced since October 2016 have the necessary hardware to eventually enable full autonomy.

Judith Enck, the former Environmental Protection Agency for Region 2 administrator, in an interview with Earther commented about the energy discourse in Puerto Rico: "This is an opportunity to completely transform the way electricity is generated in Puerto Rico and the federal government should support this". "PR could be that flagship project", Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority is a huge problem Not only is the island's electrical grid decimated, but the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority is in a fiscal mess.

GM's Super Cruise, unlike Tesla's Autopilot, uses a lidar sensors to help it better map out the world around it. Do you want to show the world the power and scalability of your TeslaTechnologies?

If it happens, the SolarCity Puerto Rico project would be vastly bigger than their previous endeavors. So, Musk is offering to help rebuild the USA territory's entire power grid.

Miller said Musk's claims that current Teslas will one day be able to drive themselves without a human behind the wheel are irresponsible. Last night, their governor, Ricardo Rossello, took to Twitter to take Mr. Musk up on that offer.