Dove apologizes for racially insensitive ad after backlash

Dove has been slammed for a racist Facebook advert

By Saturday, amid growing social-media criticism, Dove issued its apology.

Dove told ABC News in a statement that they are "deeply sorry" for the offense caused by the ad, and said that the original post included three women, as opposed to the screenshots that went viral.

On Facebook, Dove posted a similar statement, saying the feedback the company received from the image would help guide their decisions in the future.

Cosmetics giant Dove says its latest campaign for body wash, which has caused outrage worldwide for being racist, should not have happened.

The company said that they "missed the mark" while trying to represent women of colour.

I would not go as far as to say Dove is canceled - I just bought a couple of bars and I can not afford to be financially irresponsible - but there is an accountability that must be answered to.

She wrote with it, "So I'm scrolling through Facebook and this is the #dove ad that comes up.... ok so what am I looking at...." What were you going for, exactly? "This is literally how Victorian soap was advertised by Unilever", wrote one user alongside a photo featuring a black boy getting his skin lighter after using the Victorian soap.

Chris Broussard agreed: "I'll never use Dove soap again".

"Missing the mark? I honestly thought this was a hoax, because it is the most ridiculously racist advertising I've seen". Are you joining the Trump administration now?

But the question most raised-and echoed by actress and hair care entrepreneur Gabrielle Union-was how could an ad for such a prominent beauty brand even get made in the first place? Sonia Gupta tweeted at the company.

Dove explained in a Monday afternoon, October 9 statement that the 3-second video clip was posted to its U.S. Facebook page.

Although a spokesperson from Dove they are re-evaluating internal process for creating and reviewing content, people on social media didn't buy their explanation asking how anyone could miss just how offensive the advertisement is. In 2011, an ad sparked controversy after it showed three women with different skin tones in front of a wall marked "before and "after".

Dove has been forced to apologise after releasing a series of images in a Facebook advert that showed a black woman turning white.