Flight 666 lands in HEL for last time on Friday the 13th

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"Farewell to Finnair AY666", wrote the airline, "but remember, we still have a flight from SIN to HEL".

Simon Barrette, communications manager at Finnair, told McClatchy that Friday's trip would be the last go-round for flight 666 to HEL, as the company is switching around some flight numbers later this month. The airline said that in the past 11 years it had flown AY666 to HEL 21 times on Friday the 13th, tweetin, g "Farewell to Finnair AY666".

After Friday, the flight number will change from AY666 to AY954. It's the story of Finnair Flight 666, which traversed its daily route from Copenhagen, Denmark to Helsinki, Finland (airport code: HEL).

However, the flight number is now being changed as part of an overall reordering of flight data by the airline.

"It has been quite a joke among the pilots", he told the newspaper in the past. The flight has fallen on Friday 13th 21 times throughout its operational history, with no reported ill effects.

But for flying professionals, the flight with the bravest passengers in the sky is just another day at the office.

The irrational fear of the number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia, by the way.

According to the Telegraph, Friday the 13th is considered unlucky because of its biblical origins, it has also been linked to the Knights Templar.

Most recently, it sent Flight 666 from CPH to HEL on Friday, Jan. 13, 2017.